Another Chance For Tricks Group Training

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Please note that your dog must have completed basic training to take this intermediate class.

Another Chance For Tricks Group Training

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Please note that your dog must have completed basic training to take this intermediate class.

If your pup’s mastered the basics and is ready to take their talents to the next level,

Another Chance for Tricks is for you!

This intermediate class is for the dog and their pet parents who are looking for a more enriching experience. Our class offers the perfect blend of confidence building, mental stimulation, and overall fun, which boosts dopamine and strengthens your family’s bond!

In this class, some of the tricks taught may include:


This class will allow your dog to show off their smarts while building their confidence and providing them more stimulation.

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High Fives

Wave Bye-Bye

jump through arms

Peek-A-Boo & weaves

The Bang Cue


...and more!*

Please note that your dog must have completed basic training; can confidently
perform sit, down and stay; and be both dog and people friendly.

If your dog needs more support with their basic training, check out our Basic Group Training Class. Once completed, we’d love to see them in our Intermediate Tricks Class!

*Please note that the tricks taught in each series will be personalized to the group to ensure that the dogs stay mentally stimulated and continue to advance throughout the series.

Why Intermediate
Tricks Group training

Go Beyond the Basics


You know your dog is special so let’s teach them special new tricks that let them show off for your family and friends!

Cultivate Their Confidence


Our dogs thrive when they have a job to do and they love mastering challenges, which is why each trick we teach them gives their confidence a boost!



While our Intermediate Tricks Class is designed to be fun, it also helps stimulate (and tire) them out, both mentally and physically, which is a win-win for you and your pup!

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You'll need to share your dog's vaccination records within 48 hours of submitting your application to secure their spot so we recommend you grab them from your vet prior to starting the application process.

How to get started:

gather your documents

Complete the form below

submit your vaccine records

Look out for an email from Shir on where/how to submit the vaccination records.

If you don’t receive it within 15 minutes of submitting your application, please check your spam folder to make sure it didn’t go there. The email will come from If you run into any issues, you can also email Shir directly at that email address.


Please note

  • If you don't respond to our automated request for your dog's vaccination records, we will attempt to contact you via email and text one time. Should you not respond within 24 hours of our courtesy reminder, your application will be canceled to allow another Chicago Dog Family to join our class. You will need to re apply once your application is canceled, provided there are still spots available.

  • We require up-to-date vaccination records (DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies) for your dog's safety and the well-being of all participants.

  • Students must be able to attend all 3 class dates as no make up sessions will be provided.

  • We allow two humans, at least 16 years old, per dog to attend the training sessions and encourage our students to practice in between sessions. 

  • We are unable to offer refunds for any reason once you sign your contract and submit your payment.

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