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Wake Up. Train Dogs. Change Lives. Repeat ®

Lifestyle Training means you have made a conscious choice to include your four-legged family member in everyday activities, and are ready to begin this journey of a new mind set with your entire family

Traditional dog training works in the moment - sit, down, shake, a spin or two. But how many sacrifices are you still making in between your dog sitting for a treat?

Lifestyle Training is similar to taking the stairs instead of the elevator in between your gym visits so that your lifestyle is what is keeping you fit, and the gym visits are for tune ups.

Lifestyle Training with Another Chance Training™ is about creating that life you envisioned for your family even before you brought your fur baby home ; That vision you had before the unwanted behaviors made you feel that maybe you have to sacrifice more than you originally thought.

Through our approach we will show you how to take the basics and leverage them to help you transform those unwanted behaviors into behaviors that create that loyal but independent member of the family. We help you discover that challenge brings change, and change brings back your expectations.

If the answer is yes, then work with us to take the steps needed to transition from “dog owner” to “dog parent”.

The only question you need to ask yourself is: are you all in?

Clicker training

A clicker is a simple mechanical training tool that when squeezed produces a short distinct “click.” With the aid of a clicker you are able to clearly mark the wanted behavior at the exact point of success. A clicker is designed to make the exact same sound every click to create consistency and avoid confusion while training. We may not realize it but we often change our tone slightly when using our voice to mark a wanted behavior or have multiple family members who each have their own approach to marking a wanted behavior. Clickers allow us to communicate clearly with our four legged family members and when used properly, achieve more consistent and successful results. 

Our philosophy in action

When your dog receives an exciting reward after they perform a wanted behavior, how likely are they to perform that behavior again? *Extremely likely!* This is why it's so important to choose your reinforcers wisely. Consider what motivates your dog. Many dogs are motivated by food so high-value treats are a great training tool. But believe it or not, some dogs aren’t so motivated by food. They may be picky eaters or have food allergies. This is when we play detective and look for what will motivate our dogs. A favorite toy or activity like going for a walk? Or Chance’s favorite - attention! Those belly rubs are awfully hard to resist. What is your dog motivated by? This is something  to think about before beginning any training program, and I can help you be prepared to set your dog and your family up for success!


Operant conditioning is a method of training that basically means associating a consequence with a behavior. Positive reinforcement is just one of four types of these consequences. I have found that by reinforcing behaviors with something positive and simply ignoring the unwanted behaviors, your dog will perform the desired behaviors you are looking for and be more likely to repeat them in the future.

positive reinforcement

Put our philosophy to the test with our various training programs built around YOUR needs.

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